Arnold Schwarzenegger And Joseph Baena Travel To Oktoberfest

Arnold Schwarzenegger currently attends Oktoberfest. He is accompanied with his son this year.

The star uploaded a snap on Instagram. He and Joseph Baena, his son, are wearing lederhosen and showing their steins at the German festival held in Munich. Arnold’s son turned 19 on Sunday.

The actor congratulated his son captioning the pic. The proud father called Joseph a great athlete and great student.

Schwarzenegger dates Heather Milligan and she also joined to him during the trip.

The star, 69, told about his relationship with Joseph. Mildred Baena is his mother. Earlier she was Arnold’s housekeeper. The actor parted from Maria Shriver, his wife, with whom he spent 25 years together. The bellowed terminator is very thankful for his son’s understanding.