Did Father Of Gwyneth Paltrow Considered She Was Becoming An 'A**hole'?

Gwyneth Paltrow gave an interview to Harper's Bazaar. The star shared that Bruce Paltrow, her passed away dad, considered that she was becoming an “a**hole” because of the star’s fame.

When the actress was 27, she thinks she believed in her own hype. Then the star was famous thankfully to Shakespeare in Love. We remind you that Gwyneth received Best Actress Oscar back in 1999.

The 44-year-old star recollects herself sitting with her father and feeling great about her life. Then Bruce said that Gwyneth is getting a little weird and called her “kind of an “a**hole”. Paltrow could not expect such a statement. She felt totally devastated.

Almost 2 decades after that the celebrity made up conclusions about her father’s statement and changed her life.