Emma Stone Recollects Her Auditions

Just like Emma Stone’s character Mia, the actress had her portion of bad auditions as well as her colleague Ryan Gosling.

According to Stone, this part of playing Mia was cathartic and exciting. Ryan and Emma old the film director that certain of their audition stories and he utilized some of them.

The actress was asked what advice she would give to her younger self if she could go back in time. It turned out that Emma would not like to change a thing! The actress is happy where she is now.

The director joked that she could stop all the drug use. Emma answered that she could stop hard drugs at least. We remind you that their latest film called La La Land is Oscar-nominated in many positions.

According to the film director, he keeps waiting for getting pulled in the lead up. Emma added that the industry is not of the consistent kind and all of them are kind of waiting for the shoe to drop.