Every Challenge Makes Jim Carrey Stronger Amid Wrongful Death Lawsuit of Cathriona White's Mother

Jim Carrey wrote an inspirational message on social Web this Thursday amid his legal issues.

He considers that every challenge makes us stronger, especially when you are with those who bring goodwill and love to our world. Jim also uploaded a painting of a woman who is crying and smelling a rose.

Starting since September Carrey has been spotted in all news connected with the death of Cathriona White. Both Mark Burton, Cathriona’s estranged husband and Brigid Sweetman, her mother, filed wrongful death lawsuits against the star. White’s mother suggests that Carrey provided her daughter with prescription drugs.

The actor’s attorney made a response to Brigid his Tuesday. It was stated that it’s a norm when a mother who lost her daughter blames someone else. However, trying to capitalize on Cathriona’s suicide, she is going the same dark path as White’s ex.