Halle Berry Is Not Ashamed Of Her Kids

A troll who spilt critics on Halle Berry for cropping faces of her children out of a picture. And received a feedback!

50-year-old Oscar-winner left half of her kid’s faces out. She wanted to maintain the privacy of her kids. The star shares 3-year-old Maceo with Olivier Martinez, her estranged husband, and 8-year-old Nahla with ex Gabriel Aubry.

The actress was called out by a critic, but she decided to answer.

She decided to be clear and point out that she is not ashamed of her kids. Halle considers her children to be the biggest part of her life. The star looks for creative ways to show them in her feed on the Web. Though, she wants to remain their privacy untouched. 

Berry has also specified that this is her belief, therefore she is not going to criticize anyone else for having different beliefs. As their mother, she considers this to be her job to protect their privacy. She is sure that when her children grow up, it will be up to them to decide what photos to upload.