Heidi Klum's Boyfriend Does Not Mind 6 Times Her, See Klum’s Halloween Costume

The Halloween costume of Heidi Klum this year was composed of clear effort. It was hard to create the star’s 5 clones, but the costume did not cost too expensive.

Heidi confesses that her costume cost far from $10 million. She would not even have such amount of money for the costume! Klum considers it to be crazy to pay $10 million for  a Halloween costume.

Mike Marino of Prosthetic Renaissance joked that the supermodel’s costume costs that much. Then the rumour started. Probably the star tried to make a stress on how hard it was to create the costume.

Vito Schnabel, the star’s beau, did not mind 6 times Heidi. He liked the costume and gave it two thumbs up.

Heidi knows that being on public is not that easy. She recollects that sometimes people look at her and say “Is she pregnant?” Then they go “Why is she getting so thin?”

However, the star perceives critics calmly. She understands that women always have a fight with their weight.