Justin Bieber's Rude Attitude Towards His Fans

Fans of Justin Bieber don’t feel sorry.

The singer was performing in Manchester on Thursday amid the European part of his Purpose World Tour. The singer wanted to have a quick conversation with his admirers before singing the next hit. However, the audience did not quiet down.

So, Bieber decided to go straight to singing. Justin came to the conclusion that he does not need to talk even if he has to engage.

His admirers commented on Twitter that the singer was rude. According to the reports he asked the crowd to stay as quiet as possible. He even decided for people that they can scream as much as they want after the concert, but not in front of him. Not long ago Justin asked his Birmingham fans just the same thing.

While performing in Birmingham, Bieber asked the audience to do him a favour and relax. H said he appreciates their love, but them to show it differently. The star also confessed that screaming was way too obnoxious for him.