Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Do Not Swing With Anyone

Dax Shepard is full of love to share.

When the star attended TBS’ Conan this summer, he cracked jokes about swinging with Conan O’Brien and his wife. The host was truly surprised by them. This Tuesday Kristen Bell, Shepard’s spouse, attended the show. The host decided to make her husband’s statements clearer. When he repeated Shepard’s words and asked if Kristen was aware of his plans, she laughed and recognized her bellowed in those words.

Shepard’s wife decided to tell Conan the truth. It appeared that Dax has already offered the swap to some people. His wife knows he is a free spirit one.

Andy Richter decided to call Dax “a horn dog”.

You want to know that “free spirit” term is used around Bell’s parents instead of horny. Actually Dax loves people. He enjoys dinner parties made to hang out and get to know people. However, Kristen assured that she and her husband don’t swing with others.

We know the couple is very “in love” with Amy Russell and Ryan Hansen, their friends. Kristen said that their couple decided to marry their couple. Moreover, you should know that they call each other “super spouses”.