Matthew Perry Has A Batman Room

Matthew Perry does not feel shy about having a room dedicated to one of the DC Comics heroes. Moreover, he considers this to be “sexy”!

Not long ago Us Weekly revealed that the 47-year-old star devoted a whole room for whom...? For the Gotham City protagonist! By the way, the Friends alum’s home is worth $8.65 million. This information was spilt on October 12 when the actor came to Jimmy Kimmel Live! And told about the things he has been collecting.

So, what version of Batman is the closest to Matthew? Christian Bale’s is. We remind you that Ben Affleck, George Clooney, Val Kilmer and Michael Keaton also played the superhero.

Perry says he is an insomniac, so in the night time he goes on eBay and does what?.. Correctly! He buys all the Batman stuff. Then he just throws it into the room. The actor stresses that his Batman room is cool.

The audience had a chance to see the discussed room on the photo brought by Matthew.