New Treatment Of HIV-Positive Charlie Sheen Makes Him Feel Excellent

Charlie Sheen is feeling excellent. The star revealed that he is HIV positive almost a year ago.

The Two and a Half Man actor is taking part in an FDA study at the moment. This study is conducted for 24 weeks already. You should know that there is a new drug which is on the fast track for FDA approval. This drug is called PRO 140. It is made by CytoDyn company. This substance has no side effects. Charlie gets one shot every week. This changes everything as teh actor doesn’t have to consume loads of toxic pills every day. This is the way to a completely normal life, Sheen considers.

The star found out he is HIV positive 5 years ago. Previous kinds of medication he took had some tough side effects, for example, stomach problems, migraines and liver damage.

The actor is sure that his new medication is the future of HIV treatment. He is very excited to be a part of it. Sheen is sure that his experience will help many people.