Now Johnny Depp Says Amber Heard Owns Him $100K

Johnny Depp decided that Amber Heard, his former wife, has to pay $100,000 in legal fees. This information appeared in new court documents that Laura Wasser (Depp’s attorney) filed in LA Superior Court on December 20.

We remind you that, according to the previous legal request, Depp had to pay her the remaining $6.8 million because of the divorce settlement.

Then Johnny requested that the $100,000 be deducted from the actor’s next divorce settlement payment in case Heard does not pay in the next 10 days if the court’s order. A court hearing is appointed on January 13.

According to the documents, the actress is accused of violating the couple’s confidentially agreement almost every week. Amber showed up in a PSA on domestic violence. The Danish Girl wrote an open letter where she claimed herself to be a survivor of assault.

Last week Heard asked the actor to pay the remaining $6.8 million in her last filing. It also requested the star to pay her attorney’s fees ($35,435). Amber should donate all the money to charity.