The 9th baby Of Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson will become a dad once again.

The actor, 60, says that he has got stretch marks. The star will become dad for the 9th time soon. His girlfriend is the mother of the baby. This baby will be the first one from Rosalind Ross.

The actor’s representative confirmed that the couple is expecting a baby back in September. According to the source, the couple is very excited about their future child. Gibson is so happy to be a dad. The source also said that Mel is having the happiest time right now.

Gibson also discussed his latest film and his cooperation with Milo, his son in the film. By the way, it’s hard sometimes to collaborate on the sets.

Mel says that Milo does not listen to him. The boy is 26. The father tries to give his son pieces of advice, but Milo has his own mind.