Tom Cruise Thinks Leah Remini Is The Devil

Tom Cruise and Leah Remini shared some of their private things. According to Leah, Tom thinks she is a Satan. This happened in an interview with Larry King that aired this Friday.

The star grew up as a Scientologist. However, the celebrity decided to leave the controversial church 3 years ago.

Leah was promoting her A&E docuseries called Scientology and The Aftermath at the show. She revealed that Tom would not say anything to her because he thought that she was a devil. According to Leah, most Scientologists are taught to believe that people like Remini are literally the devil because they mean to harm.

The ex King of Queens star, has openly criticized the organization and is uncovering allegations of rape and abuse in the latest series. The 46-year-old star told Larry that Tom truly believes despite he is well-aware that the church defrauds people. Though, Leah also mentioned that she believes Cruise believes it in his heart.