Tom Hanks Has Outstanding Memory: He Recites Rap From His 28-Year-Old Film

Everybody knows that Tom Hanks is a talent, but his memory is even more fascinating!

Philip Wang and Wesley Chan, the filmmakers, and part of the Wong Fu Productions YouTube channel met with the actor and Ron Howard (the director) at debut of the Inferno. The event was held in Florence (Italy). Chan and Wang had a quick Q&A session with the actor and the director. After that Wang asked Tom to recite the prominent rap from his film called Big.

Hanks did not skip a beat! He enthusiastically recited the piece that he learned 28 years ago!

The Sully actor is famous to be nostalgic. Fans just love it. Earlier this year Hanks re-united with Meg Ryan for Ithaca, her directorial debut. Meg spoke about her long-time pal all the time.

Ryan spoke about Hank’s beauty and sweetness. Ryan says that Tom has a little to do in the film, but the actor hits it out of the park, according to her.