Vin Diesel Repeatedly Calls A YouTuber "Beautiful" and "Sexy"

Vin Diesel has gone too far an interview with Carol Moreira, a YouTube star.

The star was speaking to Moreira about Tom Hank’s help (he helped him to become a star). The two collaborated on Saving Private Ryan. The star had to interrupt himself in order to state that she is very beautiful. He even repeated this several times.

After that the celebrity asked people behind the scenes if he was right. Then he told that it is impossible to do the interview looking at her. Diesel stated again that the YouTuber is very beautiful and asked her to talk to him.

Moreira felt herself uncomfortable and this could be seen. She was able to get the whole thing back on track. However, when she brought up their shared interest in Dungeons and Dragons, Vin Diesel started hitting on her again. Actually, the even confessed that he is in love.

Moreira tried to discuss his films, but Diesel interrupter her to tell that she is “f**king sexy” and that he just cannot do this interview.