Vince Vaughn Feels Emotional About Shawing His Head

Another hair record of Vince Vaughn. No hair.

He came to The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday in a shaggy wig. Very soon Ellen removed the wig and everybody saw the actor’s bald head. Vincent needs it for Hacksaw Ridge, his latest film.

“Completely clean” says Vaughn about his head. In his age people don’t know if the hair will grow back. However, Vincent’s hair seems to be returning.

Nobody knows if the actor will return to his previous hair-do. We know that the star had difficulties with getting used to his new hairstyle. Vaughn’s daughter, 6, is having fun with his look. She simply humiliates her dad with it. When the star took her to the kindergarten, the girl pulled off his baseball hat, laughed and said “look who has no hair”.