Who Is Mr. Jennifer Aniston? Justin Theroux is!

Not long ago Justin Theroux stated that if we called him “Mr. Jennifer Anniston”, he would be OK with that. Moreover, he would even be proud of such a nickname.

In his interview with Sunday Times the actor said that Jennifer Aniston is “a proper badass”. Well, this is not a secret that the star has overcome a lot of tough things in her life. Justin is sure that most of people would have not overcome those things. The Girl on the Train star is proud of Jennifer and admires how the actress can handle herself. As well as Theroux, we consider that Aniston is just amazing and that it is an honour to stand behind her.

Not long ago the 47-year-old star’s name was present in all news because of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Aniston’s former husband split from Angelina. However, Justin is proud of how his wife handles the issue with mass media.