Adele Reveals A Cheap Solution For Dry Lips

Are your lips chapped and dry? Adele has shared her secret of how to fight this issue.

It appeared that the singer has a beauty must-have. The Grammy-holder revealed that she coats her lips with Lucas; Papaw Ointment before applying lipstick. It adds hydration. By the way, Adele is not the only star to use this ointment. ‘

It’s formula was created back in 1910 in Australia. The ointment is sold in a red tube. Originally, this product was developed to provide an antibacterial and antimicrobial effect. It helps from sunburn and small cuts. Also, the ointment is a temporary relief from eczema. Now it is used as a lip balm by men and women.

Lucas’ Papaw Ointment is prepared from the next components: potassium sorbate, fermented carica papaya, petroleum jelly and Peruvian herb.

The great news is that this balm is available for less than $10.