Amal Clooney's High-Profile Marriage Benefits Her Work

Amal Clooney is sure that her high-profile marriage to George Clooney helps her in her work.

We remind you that Amal is expecting a baby. The 39-year-old human rights lawyer shared that their fame helps bringing awareness to some crucial problems.

Amal and the Hollywood’s sexiest bachelor got married 3 years ago. Clooney is sure that extra publicity benefits the good cause.

The activist works with Nadia Murad, a sex trafficking victim. She was captured by ISIS 4 years ago and raped by 12 men before she escaped after 3 months have passed.

George says that they decided to be more responsible in order to avoid danger. He will not go to the Congo and South Sudan and Amal will not go to Iraq or other places where she is not welcome. The star also stated that they are very happy and nervous about their future baby.