Amber Heard's Aquaman Costume

No more evidence is needed to prove that Amber Heard is the perfect person to perform Mera!

The star, 32, posted a snap on Twitter. In the photo she is sitting in the make-up chair on her 1 st shooting day. Amber jokingly wrote that more than 1 year of preparation, six months of training,

and countless hours of denying herself pleasure (such as sweets) has led her to this moment.

Sometime later James Wan, the director, shared a snap of the star in her costume. The star’s look is slightly different from her Justice League look. We remind you that Zack Snyder, the director shared that look earlier.

Wan captioned the photo “Lady MERA swept in from the sea". The actress welcomed everybody to meet Mera’s 1 st day in Aquaman. The pictures of the actress were shot by Jasin Boland.