Amber Rose Bought A Night Club In LA

Amber Rose conquers the market.

Amber revealed her fans that she purchased a strip club in LA. This happened when Rose accepted an award at the All Def Movie Awards this Wednesday.

The 33-year-old model asked the audience if they knew Ace of Diamonds. Then the star revealed that she has bought it.

Having accepted the award, the star and Blac Chyna, her BFF, the star was seen walking through the tables of attendees. By the way, Blac split from Rob Kardashian, her fiancé, not long ago.

Last summer Wiz Khalifa and Amber celebrated their love at the aforementioned club as they reached a settlement in the divorce. Rose wrote on Tweeter that she had too much fun with her ex husband night. She also stated that they did not celebrate their divorce, but celebrated their love that will never go away.