Anne Hathaway Speaks on 'Hating Her'

Anne Hathaway knows that she was disliked 4 years ago without any particular reason for that. In her latest interview, the star told that she is still asked about being disliked.

The Les Miserables actress shared that understand why others bring up the “Everyone Hates Anne Hathaway” articles because of Gloria, her character. However, Anne is ready to move on.

Hathaway says that how the world feels about her has nothing to do with her. Also, treatment of other people has nothing to do with her. Anne found a way to be grateful for it and to continue her growth.

Though, Anne has not found the same common language with social media.

She has, however, not found the same peace with social media. For example, after posting the first-ever photo of her son on Instagram on March 9, she told Jezebel that she regretted it.