Beyonce Caught Working Out With Jay-Z And Kelly Rowland

Beyonce has been doing her fitness routine after delivering twins. Her babies are called Sir Carter and Rumi. Her husband, Jay-Z is right by her side. He tries to motivate her while she tries to motivate him.

The two were snapped while arriving at the gym in LA. Kelly Rowland was also spotted with them. Beyonce wore black workout leggings and a beige sweatshirt. She had a hood on while entering and exiting the gym. Her husband also wore a pair of black sweatpants, a beige sweatshirt and a hood. Meanwhile Rowland had black biker shorts and a gray sports bra on. She also wore a hat.

Beyonce walked with a towel after her serious sweat session. Her husband was in a great mood as well as Kelly was.

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