Britney Spears Managed To Raise $1 Million For A Cause

Britney Spears has raised $1 million. She did it for the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation. The donations came from her Piece of Me concert sales.

The foundation is going to open a new Britney Spears Campus next week. It will accommodate the needs of pediatric and adult patients in the community.

Britney told that there were lots of things she has done in her life and career, but this one makes her proud most of all. Her celebrity status helped her to raise funds for building a new facility that will help kids and their relatives. The fact brought tears to the star’s eyes. She feels the meaning of this fact is tremendous.

Britney’s aunt died of cancer. She is aware of the devastating effects cancer brings upon the people and their close ones. Spears cannot think of anything else more horrible than that. The Grammy holder feels happy to be helpful in some way.