Chris Evans Jokes With Fans For A Good Reason

Chris Evans channeled the silver screen for the charity reason during his collaboration with Omaze surprising strangers in a comic book store in Massachusetts.

The Captain America celeb is giving his admirers a chance to take part in an Escape Room challenge with him. This is done for a good reason: raising money for Christopher’s Haven. His team made a mock room from the shop that was crawling with puzzles and riddles for the challengers.

Evans started a game with a Captain America doll. It was placed in the centre of the store and was hooked up to a speaker. Meanwhile Chris was located in a special room and spoke from it to customers who were not suspecting of him. He asked shoppers if they would like to take on his challenge.

At the beginning the shoppers were given a series of objectives, such as finding a 4-digit code, putting on masks and goggles.