Daughter Of Mila Kunis Thinks Her Mother Does Make-Up And Hair For Living

Mila Kunis attended Jimmy Kimmel Live! She came to promote her latest comedy called A Bad Moms Christmas.

The star talked about her daughter too. Wyatt is 3. According to Kunis, her daughter has no clue what her mom does for living. Wyat is sure her mother gets make-up and hair-dos for a living. When the little girl saw Mila in the Santa hat on a billboard she told it was silly that her mom is wearing Santa hat.

Mila is also mother to 11-months-old Dmitri from Ashton Kutcher, her husband. The star made headlines when she told that they decided to give no holiday presents to their children. People on the Web were shocked with this and claimed the starry couple being “selfish”.

Mila clarified she does not want to over-gift her kids. She is not anti-gift, though. Her children receive tones of presents from their relatives.

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