Delicious Bolognese Secret: Tom Hiddlestone Knows How to Do It

Tom Hiddlestone is a new hero of the cooking world. The Crimson peak star and Taylor Swift’s ex indeed knows how to cook.

Hiddlestone made what has been defined as “the most unbelievable Bolognese you’ve ever tasted.” A little bit of history: the dish called after the Bologna in Italy where it came from is meat-based tomato sauce cooked with different vegs, beef and wine. It is commonly cooked with olive oil in heavy-bottomed pot – but not in this case.

Hiddlestone gladly expose his secret in the March issue of GQ. “You think you’ve tried delicious Bolognese? You have to try Tom Hiddlestone’s Bolognese first to keep talking about the delicious Bolognese you’ve ever had,’ tells taffy Brodesser-Akner from GQ.