Demi Lovato Speaks About Thigh Gap

Demi Lovato shared a snap of her thighs in a body-positivity Instagram post.

The star, 24, stated that she does not have a thigh gap, but still considers herself to be beautiful. She is wearing a blue swimsuit on the photo.

2 years ago in March Demi blasted “thigh gap” term in one of her interviews. According to her is someone has it naturally, that’s great. But if someone does not have it, it is better to be satisfied with what one has. There is no need in starving or engaging unhealthy behaviours. Women without thigh gaps are still beautiful.

The star is always ready to share about her fights with body image in the past. Back in 2016 Demi shared that everything started since her toddler age. Lovato took part in beauty pageants.