Ed Sheeran And Cherry Seaborn Are Not Engaged

Ed Sheeran has not made proposal to his girlfriend Cherry Seaborn.

The gossips about the couple’s engagement came courtesy of Russell Crowe. He referred to the hockey star as the singer’s "fiancée" by mistake in a recent chat on Facebook. According to Russell, Sheeran was on tour and was getting a bit burned out. So he decided to stay at the farm for several days in order to get normal sleep. After that they became conversational friends. Russell went on to inform that Ed came back to the farm with his fiancée later.

This Tuesday the star was asked about his engagement. According to Ed, Russell met Cherry just once… and he did not introduce his girlfriend to Crowe! So, the actor must have made this conclusion on his own. Sheeran confirmed that he is not engaged to Seaborn.

Cherry is 25. She works as a senior advisory consultant at Deloitte in London. She attended Durham University in the U.K. and used to play hockey there. The two started dating almost 2 years ago in July.