Emilia Clarke And Spoilers On Game of Thrones

Westeros is coming! Game of Thrones is coming back for the penultimate season. Expect it on July 16th.

Trailers and photos have already come out. Now the time for some serious teasers has come. Emilia Clarke gave interview for the next month’s issue of Rolling Stone.

The actress told that she normally does not spend too much time in Belfast. However, she spent a little more time there last season. According to Emilia, some ends have been tied in the season. So, expect to see some things you have already forgotten about.

There is no set date for the 8th season yet. AS far as we know, the time of Daenerys Targaryen will come to its end in the finale season.

Clarke told that she is sure there will be no sequels or prequels. However, she is sure she will do one more season.

As far as we know, HBO is working on the film’s spin-offs. The author of the novels, George R.R. Martin, is said to be working on some scripts.