Emma Watson's Fashion Instagram Account: It’s Your Obsession

You probably at to know what Emma Watson wears while she promoting the latest film!

The actress has got a fashion diary called Enter The Press Tour. It features all the photo shoots, premieres, parties and other events connected to the release of the film. It is scheduled for March 17. The 26-year-old star and Rebecca Corbin-Murray, her stylist, have been vocal about their support for sustainable fashion. As far as we seen, their choice falls on the eco-friendly ethos. Having seen The True Cost, the documentary of Andrew Morgan (2015), Emma decided to share her feelings and thoughts with public. Stone stated that she feels inspired to create a fashion look.

When Emma was spotted sightseeing in Paris, she was clad a Stella McCartney coat, Good Guys Don’t Wear leather sneakers and Filippa K jumper. According to her, these moguls do not use any animal products.

The U.N. Women Global Goodwill Ambassador wore a look from the autumn’s 2017 Oscar de la Renta runway for the film’s first screening.