Jamie Dornan's wife Amelia Warner provoked rumors of pregnancy

The star of "50 shades of gray" Jamie Dornan and his wife, actress and singer Amelia Warner, yesterday visited the charity gala dinner of the Sugarplum Children's Fund, which collects funds for research, treatment and development of methods for preventing the development of type 1 diabetes.

Attention of photographers attracted changes in the figure of Amelia - her black fitting dress with frills in the waist area could not hide the rounded stomach. Apparently, Jamie and Amelia are waiting for their third child.

The second time, Jamie and Amelia became parents in February last year. About the pregnancy, the actresses of the media learned also after she appeared in the light with the corresponding changes in the figure.

Jamie Dornan and Amelia Warner met in 2007, and married on April 27, 2013. Six months later, their first-born daughter Dalci appeared. About the joyful event, the press learned only a month later. In November 2015, it became known that the couple is waiting for a second child. They again gave birth to a girl whose name is not being disclosed by celebrities.

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