Jared Leto Prefers Working More Than Partying

Jared Leto announced that he is on Tinder.

The hot star, 45, was asked about his personal life. The actor’s answer was “It’s called Tinder”. So, take your phone and get a chance to communicate with the star!

Being serious, Jared told that he is passionate about his work and creative escapes. That is why he prefers work over play.

Leto confessed he does not have much of personal life, but he loves his work. Believe ti or not, the actor would rather create a new song that go to the party!

Thirty Seconds to Mars has been working on the anticipated album. They released their latest single called Walk On Water not long ago. The band will perform it at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Besides, the star can start working on a Suicide Squad spin-off.

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