Jared Leto's Emotional Tribute to Chester Bennington: 'A Tragic Loss of an Absolute Legend'

Jared Leto posted an emotional message post in Instagram in memory of deceased vocalist Linkin Park.

Vocalist Thirty Seconds to Mars posted a post with a photo of Chester Bennington with a signature. In this message, he expressed all that endless void from the loss of a talented musician and a good person. According to Jared, he was full of positive emotions, always friendly, always sincere.

In the end, Leto noted with regret that the world of rock music has left an absolute legend, the replacement of which simply does not exist. The musician stated that he was with his heart with his relatives and Chester fans.

This loss is truly colossal. The world of music has lost a bright star that has led millions of fans for a long time and has been an example in life. Thousands of fans brought many colors, candles and portraits of the musician to his house, in order to honor memory. For many it was a huge blow. The team had to cancel the whole tour

and the upcoming studio work. All members of the group are shocked and overwhelmed by the tragedy that happened.

According to information that became known to the media, Chester Bennington hanged himself in his home in Los Angeles at the age of 41 years. The police find out the causes of the incident.