Jason Mamoa defends the "League of Justice" from the attacks of critics

Jason Mamoa, the performer of the role of Aquamen in the League of Justice, keeps away from negative criticism.

"Some of my friends say that the" Justice League "is not a very good film. I hate it, but I try not to climb. I see no reason to look at all this negative - it's just useless, it does not help ".

Aquamen is traditionally considered a weak character, which can not be made attractive to the viewer, but almost all critics agree that the Momoa version is more than worthy of Aquamen.

"I watched the Justice League twice. And I liked the second one even more. I think I will look again with the children and the godfather. Watch with the best company, instead of the premiere. So I'm really looking forward to watching, "Mamoa said in an interview. "I was recently at the [Wizard World Austin Convention] and I was very well received there. And if people like the way our Aquamen came out - then here is the full merit of [Zach Snyder], this is his offspring. He came with the phrase "I will make Akvamena cool, change the idea of this character." And in my opinion, it came out for him. "

Some fans were dissatisfied with the fact that the scenes with the origin of Aquamen went under the knife, however, Mamoa also found here what to say: "The difficult part of the history of the Justice League is that it's just one weekend from the life of Arthur Curry.

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