Jay-Z Told Amy Winehouse to 'Stay With Us' When They First Met

During the Rapid Rad podcast from Tidal, rapper Jay-Z answered various questions about his work.

During the conversation, the singer touched the topic of the dead star Amy Winehouse. According to Jay-Z, since the first meeting he advised Amy to tie with the narcotics and asked to remain among loving friends and relatives.

Unfortunately, dependence on drugs turned out to be stronger. The singer's life was very much intertwined with the use of drugs. This was the reason for the sudden death of an overdose. Amy worked and lived for the audience and the scene. She Burned in the work. The singer joined the list of legendary performers who died early and left their fans too fast. Recall that the singer for a long time struggled with drug addiction, but still lost.

Amy Vinenoseus passed away at the age of 27. During the investigation, in the blood of the singer found a huge dose of narcotic drugs, which led to a fatal outcome.

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