Jessica Alba's Eyebrows

Jessica Alba and over-zealous plucking. Everybody has seen Alba’s perfect brows. The founder of the Honest Company fell into the tweezer trap just like many females. Jessica confirmed she loves a strong brow.

Just like other stars back in 90’s, she has not received any favours from the skinny eyebrows. According to Jennifer, she looked “mad” or “curious” with her thinnest eyebrows. Obviously, she has changed them into another eyebrow style.

Alba took prenatals (vitamins) and did not use tweezer for approximately 2 years. That was her way to grew them back.

The star and mother of two has not much free time to spend on her beauty routine, so she does not keep her make-up every day.

Jessica chooses easy and quick cosmetic products if she has not much time for her make-up. However, they always deliver her natural appearance. There are Everything Primer, facial oil, cream blush, concealer and Magic Balm in her beauty bag. If the star has few more seconds, she curls her eyelashes as well.