Jessica Alba's Husband Adore Good Crime: 'It Lulls Him to Sleep'

Who cares about romantic comedies? Before going to bed, Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren like watching Netflix’s stream show, such as Stranger things and The OA. Warren enjoys murder thriller the most.

‘He’s a big fan of Lockup, First 48 so I have to stay up with him to figure out the mysteries and then after some time he’s asleep and I’m like, ‘Hey! Why exactly are you watching this right before go to bed?’… It lulls him to sleep,’ Alba, 35, told us after spoke about her Organic Facial Oil, Sea Salt Spray and Honest Beauty Lip Crayon products. The Honest Beauty Company owner confessed that she’s too sensitive to this kind of TV programs. ‘I’m making attempts to solve the crimes like Angels Lansbury,’ she adds.

During the daytime she’s dealing with so much simpler cases. Her lovely little girls Heaven and Honor are adorers of her shoes, which is not truly well!