Jim Carrey Gives Awkward Interview at NYFW Party: "'There's No Meaning to Any of This'

The 55-year-old actor Jim Carrey has radically changed again: he said good-bye to a large beard and again smiles sincerely!

Almost two years ago, actor-comedian Jim Carrey experienced not the most fun times. His ex-girlfriend, a 28-year-old make-up artist Catherine White, committed suicide.

Native girls accused Kerry of being the cause of Kathryn's death: he allegedly subjected her to emotional violence, gave money for drugs and even infected him with a venereal disease.

Experiences greatly changed Kerry - burying her friend (and he personally carried the coffin on his shoulders), the actor stopped taking care of his already severely overgrown beard, gained excess weight and could not smile sincerely in the photographs.

That's how he looked back in May 2017. However, it seems that something has changed in the life and heart of the comedian. At the premiere of his new film at the 74th Venice Film Festival, Jim Carrey arrived slim, happy, in a rocker jacket - and without a trace of his beard.

Kerry also admitted that he hoped to sit in the director's chair one day: I thought a lot about it. Someday it will happen. I want to shoot if I do not act.

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