Johnny Depp starred in the video with Marilyn Manson

A popular Hollywood actor and sex symbol of millions of women Johnny Depp, who came drunk on the premiere of the film, surprised his fans - he became the main character of the new clip "KILL4ME" by Marilyn Manson.

In the video, Depp appears as a voyeur (someone who peeps for a sexual act - Ed.), Who watches over women who undress and go to bed. At the end of the clip the actor has sex with three women, tearing their underwear. In sexual orgies, Marilyn Manson is also present.

The action takes place in the bedroom, where besides too frank scenes, one can see how Manson's underwear is burned. Like the previous collaboration between Depp and Manson, this clip is not intended for children.

Many fans in the comments on the forums note that the star could have been more serious about this event and come in the proper form. Some fans note that the star, most likely, is experiencing a midlife crisis. However, many of the celebrities are not distinguished by the best behavior, which became the norm in show business.

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