Kim Kardashian Speaks About LA Attack: Rumours!

Kim Kardashian spoke of the info that she was physically attacked in LA.

The star was leaving Mr. Chow, the celeb spot, after visiting the Fashion LA Awards this Sunday when a passer-by bumped into her right on the street.

Paparazzi snapped the 36-year-old business mogul during that incident and she looks visibly taken aback by the passer-by. Meanwhile her friend looks alarmed.

After that she wrote on Twitter that Jonathan Cheban called her and asked if everything was fine with her. He read online that Kim was attacked. The star hurried up to state that this was not true.

According to an insider, Kardashian was “shocked” during the incident and a guard quickly quelled the tension. We also were informed that the individual was let go because he was just walking near Kim.