Kim Kardashian Speaks Of Her Her Stretch Marks

Kim Kardashian West isn’t scared of sharing the details about her toned body. She is open about her intense work-outs and about a little cosmetic surgery assistance.

The TV star, 36, revealed on Snapchat that she has just turned back from a cosmetic dermatologist. This happened on Sunday. Kim opened up that she was trying to get rid of her stretch marks. Dr. Simon Ourian is her specialist.

Kardashian shared with her fans that she has just left the doctor’s office after they “worked on stretch marks”.

According to the star, she feels extremely excited that she finally did it.

Kim says that she has been really afraid of doing it. The reality star was sure that it hurts too bad. Though, it did not hurt too much. The star is thankful and excited.

Actually, this is not the 1st time Kim has shared about her cosmetic surgery procedures on the Web. We remind you that she has got 2 kids.