Lady Gaga Gets A Subpoena From Dr. Luke's Counsel

Lady Gaga has been served a subpoena by Dr. Luke’s lawyers in his defamation lawsuit against Kesha.

The lawyers stated that in connection with the music producer’s defamation claims against Kesha, different 3rd parties are being deposed by both sides as well as celebrities.

It was also stated that the music producer’s counsel served a subpoena on Gaga. Reportedly, the singer has relevant data about false statements about the music producer made to Gaga by Kesha. The council had to serve a subpoena because his previous requests were not responded by Gaga.

The 30-year-old crooner has been locked in a legal battle with Dr. Luke for 3 years already. She tried to ditch her recording contract with him. Kesha accused the famous producer to be physically, sexually and mentally abusive towards her.

43-year-old producer did not agree to those statements and filed a defamation suit against Kesha. Meanwhile the singer dropped a separate sexual assault lawsuit against Dr. Luke last year.