Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Donates $1 Million for the Victims of Hurricane Harvey

Leonardo DiCaprio donated $ 1 million to the relief fund for the victims of hurricane "Harvey", which hit the US, in particular the state of Texas.

Founders of the fund noted that they are incredibly grateful to the actor and his charitable organization for their generosity. To respond to the impact of the elements, added the head of the fund, Brian Gallagher, everyone needs everything he can do. Donation of a Hollywood actor is an example of such behavior. Fund for raising funds, which will be used to restore regions affected by the disaster, was established by the non-profit organization United Way Worldwide.

The losses caused by hurricane "Harvey", can reach a record amount of $ 160 billion. "Now," Harvey "has reached the neighboring state of Texas - Louisiana. In both regions evacuation continues. There is a threat of explosion at one of the chemical plants, now they decide to evacuate people within a radius of several kilometers. From "Harvey" has already killed 35 people. Local residents are helped by representatives of the Red Cross.