Marlon Wayans Cannot Believe This Is America

Marlon Wayans has some thoughts against the white nationalist in Virginia that left 3 dozen people dead and dozens injured. 

45-year-old star told that Heather Heyer’s death made him to recollect Amai Zackary, his daughter, 16. Heather was 32 and she was killed demonstrating against the rally. 

Marlon told that this poor woman had to give her life because of that. According to him, Amai would be on the front line. Being a father, that was disheartening to him. Wayans hopes that Heather’s death was not spent in vain. 

Around 26 people suffered injuries and were taken to a local clinic right from the rally. Around 19 of those people got injuries from the car collapse, says New York Times. 

Andy Richter and Mark Ruffalo supported Marlon. 

Marlon hopes that people will not allow the racism and fear. He considers that the system should be changed. He cannot believe this is America right now.

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