Michael Jackson is the richest dead star of 2017

Forbes magazine published the rating of the richest dead celebrities this year.

Top of the top was Michael Jackson, whose heirs in 2017 earned 75 million dollars. The singer died 8 years ago.

According to Forbes, Michael Jackson, who died in 2009, in 2017, "earned" another $ 75 million - thanks to the share in the label EMI and released in September, the collection of tracks "Scream". The heirs of the artist received this money.

Arnold Palmer and caricaturist Charles Schultz also entered the top three: their legacy posthumously earned $ 40 million and $ 38 million, respectively.

Also included in the ranking are David Bowie, Prince, Bob Marley, Elizabeth Taylor and even physicist Albert Einstein - his annual "income" was ten million dollars.

A year ago, a similar rating was led by Jackson and last year - then his legacy brought a record $ 825 million, mainly due to the share in the record label. In general, several years in a row, the names in the rating practically do not change.