New Dates Of Katy Perry's Witness Tour

Katy Perry told about some good and bad news with us. 

The star wrote on the Web that 3 acts will join her on Witness: The Tour. Those will be Carly Rae Jepsen (from January 5th till February 5th), Purity Ring (from November 7th till December 20th) and Noah Cyrus (from September 19th till November 1st). 

Then she stated that due to unavoidable production delays, main elements of her tour stage design could not be reached for her to rehearse on up till the last week. So, the singer decided to take next several weeks to get ready to her show as she wants it to be an unforgettable experience for the fans. 

Katy asked her fans to excuse her for any possible inconveniences. The celebrity hopes that people will agree that the event was worth waiting for after she is ready. 

Expect the show to start on September 19th. It will be held in Montreal. As for earlier data, it was scheduled for September 7th in Columbus.

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