Nude Nicholas Kirkwood Flat Mules Are Gigi Hadid's Favourite Ones!

Gigi Hadid is not scared of re-wearing her favourite wardrobe things. We noticed that the star, 22, is in love with a special pair of shoes. Those are her nude Nicholas Kirkwood flat mules. She ahs already wore them lots of times for various occasions.

The star was in her Beya Flat Mules while walking in New York. Gigi wore them with yellow attire (a crop top, high-waisted pants and a sweater that was tied around the shoulders).

Sometime earlier the model stated that the trendy mules can easily be worn in every season. She walked in her favourite shoes in NYC this January. Then she matched them with high-waisted jeans and a tucked-in white shirt. The look was finished with a floor-length olive green coat. Hadid also had round sunshades on.

Not long ago Gigi, also in her Kirkwood mules, was spotted in the evening in NYC. The star had a casual look in a blue and white stripped blouse and knee-holed cropped white jeans.