Ozzy Osbourne Gets Candid About Cheating on Sharon: "I'm Not Proud of All That S--t"

Ozzy Osbourne bitterly admitted: he would never forgive himself for the pain he had brought to his wife and children when he was caught treason.

Last year, the musician's marriage nearly collapsed after his wife learned that Ozzy had been cheating on her for a long time with a girl from Los Angeles. Later, the wife of Ozzy Osborne said: she knew almost all of his hobbies on the side. This time her concern was caused by the fact that the novel lasted several years.

In order to save the family, Ozzy Osbourne agreed to undergo treatment with a psychiatrist. Now a marriage of 35 years is saved. It seems that the therapy sessions benefited Ozzy Osbourne: only now he realized how much pain he brought to his family, according to the website MusicNews.

"I was crazy. It's real happiness that she did not kick me out. Only now I realized how foolish I was. However, even now I'm not particularly healthy. Fortunately, these sessions help me control myself, "Ozzy said.

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