Paris Jackson On Nudity: Going Back To Nature

Paris Jackson is not going to hold back.

The model, 19, uploaded a black-and-white snap of her naked torso. In such a way she decided to address those who criticized her for nudity.

According to the star, nudity began as a movement for “going back to nature”, to be free and healthier. It was even called a philosophy. “Being naked is what makes us human”, says the star. Especially for her, nudity helps to feel connection with mama gaia.

Paris says that she is usually naked when she gardens. According to her, it is a beautiful thing and it is not necessary to make it sexual like lots of Hollywood stars do it.

The new Calvin Klein’s face wrote that your body is a temple that should be worshipped. It is also part of feminism as gives a chance to express oneself in a special way.

Paris encouraged to unfollow her on Instagram those ones who becomes upset with all that.